How would using a financial wellness coach benefit you?


  • Are you sick and tired of sleepless nights?
  • Sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Do you hate your job but because it pays the bills you just dream about leaving but never do?
  • Do you dread going to the mailbox because you already know you are behind on things?  
  • Do you need help eliminating your student loans, past due medical bills and other consumer debt once and for all?
  • How about learning how to deal with collectors while you work your plan?
  • Do you need help with establishing a plan to save for retirement and college?

These are all areas of support where having a financial coach can help. I offer real guidance and create   a SOLID workable plan.

STOP GIVING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AWAY! Your income is your #1 wealth building tool!

Banks collect more than $32 BILLION in credit card fees per year from Americans. That’s right $32 BILLION! I know it doesn’t seem ‘smart’ to not accept their ’90 days same as cash offers’ (I’ve done it too!) but Americans today are drowning in debt. The average American household today has $9600 in credit card debt, 2 auto loans, and $30,000 in student loan debt hanging around.  

We are the richest nation in the world, yet have the lowest savings rates.

The way to financial freedom is to RECAPTURE YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS and use them to build wealth instead of banks with bigger buildings! Stop giving it away.  Think about this…. We loan our money to the banks at less than 1% when we open a savings account but they gladly loan it back to us at 18.99% by offering us a credit card. Who’s smarter? Us or them?  

Well  it doesn’t have to be this way any longer!   As a financial wellness coach, I’ve worked with many families who were just  ‘shooting the arrow’ so to speak but not getting real results. They are constantly living paycheck to paycheck and stressed out-sick of the hustle and just can’t seem to get their financial footing.  There is a better way!  

To give you a snapshot: In just 9 short weeks, 47 of my clients have ditched and cut up 67 Credit Cards, Saved $78,462, and paid off $167,200 in debts! THIS STUFF WORKS!

Everyone can benefit from financial coaching!

It’s great for married couples. Helps reestablish communication and reestablishing of common goals.

It’s great for those in their late 20’s & early  30’s . Learn to use your youth to your advantage! Learn early how to avoid the pitfalls of credit cards & consumer debt! Establish a real plan to pay back your student loans so they don’t stay around so long they feel like the family pet!  Time IS on your side and if you use these years to work hard you can use these years to pay your dues, grow your money and grow yourself!

Check out my testimonial page and see real life stories and examples of how financial guidance provides inspiration and movement towards the life of your dreams.

We work together and create a roadmap to getting rid of debt (BUDGET!) based upon YOUR circumstances using easy budgeting tools. You learn to attack debt! You learn to take control and start telling your money where to go. You start sleeping better at night and have the satisfaction of knowing that you will not find yourself old and broke and still needing to work when you are 75!

If you are interested in learning more about establishing tools for an independent & financially secure future check out my coaching packages and GET STARTED TODAY!