One of the most useful things we can do on our journey towards financial wellness is REFLECT. We all get in ‘over our heads’ for different reasons. For some of us, its childhood ‘lack’ and adult ‘gain’ that lead to our overspending. For some of us, its an emotional rise to spend money on things that make us feel better and forget about whats happening in our lives. For some of us, it’s a gaining of ‘status’ that causes us to overspend. For others its unexpected medical bills, loss of a job/income, a divorce. Whatever the reason, in order to change ANY situation and plan your way out, you must first reflect.

Start by creating a ‘money journal’. A simple notebook will do OR get fancy and decorate a fun journal/notebook knowing your going to take this journey seriously. Spend some time over the next few days thinking about and answering one or more of these reflection questions in your ‘money journal’:
Name three things do you truly love to do. Do any of these cost money?
Name three things that you do regularly that you truly hate to do? Why do you do them? Are these in any way worth the reward you get for doing them?
What things are preventing you from doing more of the things you love and less of the things you hate? How can you remove the things that stop you from doing more of the things you love?
When was the last time DIDN’T feel badly about a purchase you made? Why did you feel good about it? When was the last time you felt horrible about money you spent? Why did you feel badly about it?

Jot down your answers and do some ‘reflecting’ on them over the next week and share your thoughts with your partner, close friend, or with me on our Facebook discussion group: Budgeting Group Sick of the Hustle