When working with clients, they often start out our first session with comments like  “I feel like I’m just working to pay the bills” OR “I’m so sick of the hustle, I want to find my joy again and do something different” OR “I can’t believe its time to pick a college, how am I going to do this?” 
 I can show them the WHAT TO DO but if they can get clear on their WHY they are wanting to pay off debt, WHY they want to save money for college, WHY they want to invest money to build wealth,   it will keep them moving forward with the plan and they will be more willing to make some short term or long term changes and to do so with the MOTIVATION needed to get there. 
Take a look at this video and see what I’m talking about!

Financial Coaching is designed to help you get clear about where you are now and the distance you need to go to get to your goals. Knowing the ‘spread’ between the two points is very important. Once we get clear and establish that, as your coach, I use education, accountability, and tools to help you close the gap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be quicker.  You can see from my TESTIMONIALS that the extra help pays off! 98% of clients that have completed the Coaching 101 Program have remained on with monthly sessions because the results they achieve are so much better than going it alone!  
I’m offering a FREE 30 minute phone consultation so you can ask your questions and decide for yourself if using a Financial Mentor makes sense in helping you achieve your goal of Financial Freedom quicker.  

A speedometer with the words Financial Security, Invest Wisely, Save Money and Cut Spending to illustrate the steps and advice to follow to build a nestegg and have economic security