Michelle Jacobik-Financial Coach/Mentor

headshot-1-copyWelcome! My name is Michelle Jacobik and I’m a Financial Coach/Mentor. My goal is to help other families & individuals stop living paycheck to paycheck and to start living the life they dream of!

in 2012, I was approached by a member of our church, who had incubated Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Class, to take over leading this initiative in our fellowship.  I had listened to Dave’s radio show and loved his NO NONSENSE approach to changing lives and in reviewing the FPU materials realized that many of the things Dave Ramsey was teaching in his course I had already done and been through myself.  At that time I was running a very successful business with 10 employees and still raising two children at home- and while I truly felt I had no room on my plate, I thought it was important to continue making sure this info got out into our community so people who were “sick of the hustle and tired of living paycheck to paycheck” could have a plan for turning it around!

You see, I got my first credit card offer in the mail at age 19 right when I was about finished with my associates degree. My parents had actually encouraged me not to take that offer but to open a Sears card instead to you know- “build ‘credit’ – But I knew better,  so I sent that application in with a big THANK YOU for acknowledging I’m an adult!!  (sound familiar to anyone?)

When I finished my associates degree — I landed my first “real job’ as an admin assistant and within months I had a whole new degree of TEEN CONFIDENCE.

I moved out, got my first apartment, bought a new Eagle Talon and then USED that FIRST ‘credit card” to buy some appliances, a grill, some furniture, some nice work clothes and added that new “minimum monthly payment” to my new ‘monthly expenses’ –

It wasn’t long before I started getting those $1000 Checks in the mail with my name in BOLD that could just be ‘cashed’ and had a low minimum monthly payment as well. I had just read Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s: The Power of Positive Thinking and was a huge believer at age 20 that the Universe, if I asked, would give me exactly what I needed and wanted, and those checks arriving REINFORCED THAT!! I needed them because I NEEDED A VACATION from all the stress I was under,  trying to pay my bills!! Offers came whenever I needed them and I was able to ‘use their system’ to take one and pay off the other with a lower interest rate RIGHT??   WRONG!!   It wasn’t long before I was feeling a bit PINCHED. (DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANY OF YOU??)

Well, It took me some time to SEE what I was doing. I took on two additional part time jobs doing taxes and selling life insurance on top of my full time admin job and after about 4 years of diligence I was able to dig my way out of  the $15,000 DEBT NIGHTMARE I had started at age 19—

BUT I cleaned it all up and swore I’d NEVER go back!

It’s been about 23 years now since that decision and I think that being able to share this experience with others keeps me GROUNDED, FOCUSED, and HELPING OTHERS learn their way out of — OR for you young people, hopefully keeps you away from making the same mistakes I made!!

In June 2013, I became a Dave Ramsey Trained Independent Financial Coach and opted to retire from my successful business in order to simplify my life and spend more time with my family.  I’ve been beyond blessed to have this opportunity to help others move towards their dreams.  I look forward to working with you!


Me & Dave Ramsey