When working with clients, they often start out our first session with comments like  “I feel like I’m just working to pay the bills” OR “I’m so sick of the hustle, I want to find my joy again and do something different” OR “I can’t believe its time to pick a college, how am I going to do this?” 
 I can show them the WHAT TO DO but if they can get clear on their WHY they are wanting to pay off debt, WHY they want to save money for college, WHY they want to invest money to build wealth,   it will keep them moving forward with the plan and they will be more willing to make some short term or long term changes and to do so with the MOTIVATION needed to get there. 
Take a look at this video and see what I’m talking about!

Financial Coaching is designed to help you get clear about where you are now and the distance you need to go to get to your goals. Knowing the ‘spread’ between the two points is very important. Once we get clear and establish that, as your coach, I use education, accountability, and tools to help you close the gap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be quicker.  You can see from my TESTIMONIALS that the extra help pays off! 98% of clients that have completed the Coaching 101 Program have remained on with monthly sessions because the results they achieve are so much better than going it alone!  
I’m offering a FREE 30 minute phone consultation so you can ask your questions and decide for yourself if using a Financial Mentor makes sense in helping you achieve your goal of Financial Freedom quicker.  

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One of the most useful things we can do on our journey towards financial wellness is REFLECT. We all get in ‘over our heads’ for different reasons. For some of us, its childhood ‘lack’ and adult ‘gain’ that lead to our overspending. For some of us, its an emotional rise to spend money on things that make us feel better and forget about whats happening in our lives. For some of us, it’s a gaining of ‘status’ that causes us to overspend. For others its unexpected medical bills, loss of a job/income, a divorce. Whatever the reason, in order to change ANY situation and plan your way out, you must first reflect.

Start by creating a ‘money journal’. A simple notebook will do OR get fancy and decorate a fun journal/notebook knowing your going to take this journey seriously. Spend some time over the next few days thinking about and answering one or more of these reflection questions in your ‘money journal’:
Name three things do you truly love to do. Do any of these cost money?
Name three things that you do regularly that you truly hate to do? Why do you do them? Are these in any way worth the reward you get for doing them?
What things are preventing you from doing more of the things you love and less of the things you hate? How can you remove the things that stop you from doing more of the things you love?
When was the last time DIDN’T feel badly about a purchase you made? Why did you feel good about it? When was the last time you felt horrible about money you spent? Why did you feel badly about it?

Jot down your answers and do some ‘reflecting’ on them over the next week and share your thoughts with your partner, close friend, or with me on our Facebook discussion group: Budgeting Group Sick of the Hustle

A good financial plan starts with a BUDGET!

keep your eye on the ball

In order to achieve ANY goal you must have a plan. If you are going to teach your kids how to walk you don’t just tell them to run, you hold their hands and let them learn to take ‘one step at a time”. The first step in learning how to handle your finances is applying basic math. The second is learning how to budget!  Budgeting is a scary word for many people but it truly is basic math… MONEY IN/MONEY OUT.  If you chose not to look at the basics you CAN’T win with money.  Your family, your business should not be run like the Government! When you spend more than what you have you create a mess. You create a system of “borrowing to pay for not only the extra things you want like vacations, clothes, cars, dinners — Eventually you begin ‘borrowing to pay for basic necessities such as groceries, gas, cable, etc…. Eventually the stress and the pressure of continued borrowing steals our JOY! We find at this point that we are working for the past not our future.

Listen, we are all bombarded by marketing messages day after day that lead us to believe that ‘borrowing’ is normal. I pulled a stat last week that showed that Bank of America was spending $25million a MONTH to bombard us with internet ads! SICK!! We start to have the mindset that car payments is ‘normal’. That having a bigger house as long as you can ‘afford the monthly payment’ is living the American Dream. But without proper planning and a true strong hold on your spending and planning these things start to become the American Nightmare.  We can turn it around just by getting back to 3rd grade math (or in today’s society, Kindergarten math!) and by taking a REAL look at what is coming in and what is going out and making a conscious decision to NOT spend more. NOT to borrow. NOT to charge our lifestyle on a credit card.  Many of us have gotten bitten by this bug and many have had to ‘bankrupt’ their way out of it. Ok, done. NO REPEATS! But I’ve found that many of the people I have worked with and coached back to financial wellness had not changed the ‘behaviors’ that led to hitting the ‘restart button’ and kept repeating the same mistakes. It takes time to see that Bankruptcy (not medical related bankruptcies I’ll add) is not a cure it’s usually a symptom of other financial issues/behaviors that need fixing.  We learn quickly that we CAN’T Bankrupt our way out and many times find that even if we tried, we can’t get rid of past due IRS Debt, past due Child support, Past due Student Loan payments. So I’m here to tell you to focus on and to learn what you CAN FIX!

WE CAN FIX our lack of income, communication in marriage, spending habits. We can fix DOING something different. We can decide and learn to move differently, behave differently, and experience real change in this area of our lives.  If you would like help with budgeting and creating an individualized plan to walk yourself in a new direction, check out my coaching packages.