Coaching Packages


So here’s how it works!

My coaching is done in ‘sessions’.  My first 30 minute session is  ‘complimentary‘ allowing us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit and to discuss what you want and need for support. If you feel what I do CAN help you gain some control and momentum here’s what we will focus on next- My Sick of the Hustle 101 VALUE Coaching Package includes: 

  • Session One:  (up to 90 min) Review your current situation and goals. Teach you the 7 Baby Steps that the Financial Peace Principals are built upon. Using my written or ‘electronic tools’ (your preference), help you build a ‘workable’ budget that will be used each month to pay your normal bills and attack debt.
  • Session Two:  (up to 90 min) Review your completed budget, income/expenses/debts. Help Identify areas in your budget that can be ‘tweaked” and improved to free up money to apply towards your debt. Teach you the envelope system way of handling money without the continued use of credit cards. Introduce the Debt snowball tool.
  • Session Three: (1 hr)  Share and delve into resources and tools that will help you continue on the path to meeting your financial goal of becoming debt free and building wealth. Review your progress and hold you accountable in meeting your goals.

RIGHT NOW the Cost of my 101 Value program is $497.  (That’s $137 off my normal fee!)      

My most successful clients take the opportunity to continue using my services on a month to month basis after the 101 Program so as a result I’ve added another level to my program.  THE MONEY MASTERY PROGRAM. The Mastery Program is designed for those who are completely committed to taking the training wheels. You get a full 12 months of support! (That”s to 11 additional sessions!) Enrollment in this program saves you $222 year and is offered on a 12 pay plan at just $100 per month.

The results?  Longer Term behavioral changes, more in-depth planning and strategic moves to ensure we are working out the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to for you to get you debt free.  Having 98% of my clients stay on has shown me that there is HUGE value in having a coach guiding and directing you.