1. Patty

    I have a friend a very very good friend who has been trying to get me to take this class. I finally did and I was a total mess we are on week 6 and I can feel it coming together but I was also overwhelmed sick to my stomach ready to give it up but yet not knowing where to start. So I contacted her. She is helping me, guiding me , and letting me know I will make it through all of this. BUT more importantly my very good friend and mentor now teaches this course Michelle Jacobik!!!

  2. mjacobik

    “My husband and I have greatly benefited from Michelle’s excellent financial coaching! In April of last year I lost my job due to disability which cut about one third of our family income.
    By September we had racked up several medical expenses expanding our debt load to over $55,000.
    Michelle met with us a few times, helped us rebuild our financial picture into a workable budget, advised us on many money saving tactics and helped us stay accountable to our plan of attack!
    I’m happy to say, a year later, we’ve significantly cut our debt by about $20,000! We still have a road ahead of us, but with the tools we’ve gained and discipline we’ve learned I’m confident we’ll be successful!
    I firmly believe the end result is WELL worth the cost of coaching!!”

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