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Prosperity "After" Divorce

Take the FIRST Step  to quickly Erase your Financial Fears, Embrace Abundance and to Take On The World like the financially competent woman you were meant to be!

Going through my divorce in 2009 left me wrecked.  While I was the one that made the final decision that it was time to end a marriage that had been broken for years, there were so many things that I was not prepared for  both emotionally and financially. What I didn’t expect to encounter was the need to fill my ‘alone’ time with masks to cover the loneliness and the ‘failure feelings’ that presented when I didn’t have the kids with me– the masks became shopping, dinner out with friends, happy hours, later hours at the office, mani’s and pedi’s to make me feel better  and I even learned to make a mean “evening Cosmo” as my new ‘nightcap’.  I set up sort of a reward system called “well I deserve this because I never really did it” on the days I didn’t have them. What I should have called it was what it really was:  I’m hitting up the loneliness ATM again tonight!  My new home required 'new digs' appliance, furniture, TV's, and it only made sense that I would take advantage the '90 days same as cash offers' because I was SMART!! Within 6 months I was faced with a cracks in my financial foundation that I had built over the previous 20 years.  I knew I had to fix the problem and I set out to get back to the 'basics'. It took me some time (and alot of focus) to regain control and my financial footing but I did. Now I'm on a mission to help other women (I feel obligated to share what I went through to help others BEFORE they end up buried and with a poverty mentality that just won't serve them!

What you will learn

I will help you understand the benefits of building a monthly plan (budget) and how telling your "money where to go" can & will relieve the stress of living paycheck to paycheck
Take you Step by Step through building your first monthly Budget so you can easily navigate yourself after that
Show you the benefits of using the Debt Snowball approach to paying down your debts!




About Your Host

Michelle Jacobik, CPC

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What People Have Said About Michelle's Coaching

As a person that has never been good at saving, I really didn't think that Michelle could teach me anything new about managing my money. But I was so wrong! In 2 months, she has helped me create an emergency fund that seemed completely unobtainable. She has been extremely easy to work with, and she has given me excellent guidance throughout this financial process. From making very difficult phone calls to creditors to realizing that the most important things don't need to cost a lot, her coaching has been a blessing! I highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance. Dawn C
I have relied on Michelle's Personal Coaching during a very difficult period of my life--the past several months. Thanks to Michelle's assistance I have been able to get the help I need to get my life back on track! If she doesn't have an answer, she will do the research and provide you with one! Michelle is a compassionate, punctual and energizing professional! Without any reservation, I recommend her to my friends and others! Linda O
Michelle's energy alone draws people into her circle - couple her energy with her business knowledge and Ramsey training, and she's a dynamo! Michelle is a caring and gifted financial coach who will guides her clients, challenges her clients and leads them to approach their goals fearlessly - with gizelle intensity!  I feel blessed to have experienced benefit from her professional knowledge and her personal positivity. Without the slightest hesitation, I highly recommend Michelle to be YOUR financial coach! You'll wonder why you waited so long. Deb M


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