TESTIMONIALS: Don’t take my word for it see what clients are saying!

 nothing“Michelle’s common-sense approach and attention to detail have transformed my relationship with money, budgeting, spending, and personal responsibility. She made it easy, fun, and do-able, and for the first time in my life, I feel like a grown-up when it comes to finances. The feeling of control (and self-control) is amazing!”- Howard J

“My husband and I have greatly benefited from Michelle’s excellent financial coaching! In April of last year I lost my job due to disability which cut about one third of our family income. By September we had racked up several medical expenses expanding our debt load to over $55,000. In the few times Michelle met with us she helped us rebuild our financial picture into a workable budget, advised us on many money saving tactics and helped us stay accountable to our plan of attack! I’m happy to say, a year later, we’ve significantly cut our debt by about $20,000! We still have a road ahead of us, but with the tools we’ve gained and discipline we’ve learned I’m confident we’ll be successful! I firmly believe the end result is WELL worth the cost of coaching!!”Terri Burrows

Michelle’s energy alone draws people into her circle – couple her energy with her business knowledge and Ramsey training, and she’s a dynamo! Michelle is a caring and gifted financial coach who will guides her clients, challenges her clients and leads them to approach their goals fearlessly – with gizelle intensity! I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Michelle during business brainstorming sessions, being in attendance with her at a Ramsey class and observing her while engaged in activities that she’s passionate about. I feel blessed to have experienced benefit from her professional knowledge and her personal positivity. Without the slightest hesitation, I highly recommend Michelle to be YOUR financial coach! You’ll wonder why you waited so long… Deb Robbins Cwynar Miller

Very few people like to talk to others about their finances. It’s hard enough to talk to your spouse or accountant but trust me when I tell you that talking to Michelle about the nitty gritty details of all your “good” or “bad” financial decisions will be worth it! She brings a fresh, caring perspective but as a coach she will push you toward YOUR goal and help you remove the blame and shame sometimes associated with managing your finances. She is a great listener and can help you and your spouse get on the same page, working in the same direction. Her years of experience in business as an owner of Sava Insurance also make her a valuable business coach. She has helped me navigate some really tough decisions over the past year. She’s been there to encourage me when I get discouraged and celebrate my everyday successes! I recommend Michelle Jacobik without any reservation!”Nicole Colter

‘I just want to take a moment and give thanks to Michelle Jacobik and her amazing mentorship. I’ve always been goal oriented throughout my life, and I’ve always believed in order to have more you need to become more. Work harder on yourself than you do your business. Personal development is the key to massive success. I’ve searched out mentors and coaches like Tony Robbins. I’ve even contacted Tony’s coaching business for guidance. What I was missing in my life was that special someone, I could turn to for critical advice, that someone I could sit with pitch ideas, and visions for my life.
After much prayer, God brought that someone into my life, that someone is Michelle Jacobik. Michelle has a true gift from God, a calling, to help others achieve all that they desire in life. Whether it be budgeting your finances through “financial peace”, or listening to your dreams, goals, and visions for your life, or just giving you amazing advice from one of the most successful business owners in our area, she delivers it all! Michelle truly has a spirit to help others. Our countless one on one meeting together has forever shaped my life for the better. She has helped me make critical life decisions that together we both weighed out the positives and negatives, and came to a decision to meet all my needs. Not only did Michelle give amazing coaching, she also never failed to email me a summery of what we discussed that session, along with home “play” or we know it as homework. I can honestly say, the company I’m with currently, the position I work, and the business I’m growing, has all been made possible with the amazing life coaching and mentoring of Michelle Jacobik. Thank you Michelle for answering your calling, and helping others achieve all that they desire in life! Your a true blessing!    Louis Maynard Health and fitness professional CPT  +  Entrepreneur and owner of a global e-commerce shopping portal

“I have relied on Michelle’s Personal Coaching during a very difficult period of my life–the past several months. Thanks to Michelle’s assistance I have been able to get the help I need to get my life back on track! If she doesn’t have an answer, she will do the research and provide you with one! Michelle is a compassionate, punctual and energizing professional! Without any reservation, I recommend her to my friends and others!- Linda

“You can have all the tools and materials at your finger tips, but without instruction to go with it, it’s hard to put it all together. It’s the same for furniture and it’s the same for getting out of debt! Having someone help you with the instructions and coach you through the steps really helps! Michelle did a great job facilitating our class and following up after the class to help keep us on track. During the class we paid off 3 major bills and dumped a bunch of expenses that really weren’t serving us. Since then we’ve paid off a car, and paid cash for both our summer vacation and Christmas!”-Raylene Taskowski

“When my husband and I started FPU, our daughter had just started college and we really needed a plan!! We had tried to get rid of our debt many times before, but never had the right tools or a real plan to get us there. Michelle helped us make our journey toward financial freedom a reality!”– Margee Charron

In November, we hired Michelle as a business coach to help us engage the social media channels to grow our two businesses, K&H Construction & Pellet Pro. In our first two hour meeting, Michelle not only had an understanding of who we were, what we were trying to accomplish, and all we had tried (and already spent!) to get the phone to ring, she made it happen! She showed us how to create a Google Adword campaign, getting our first one up & running that evening and also coached us on how to engage and increase our “likes’ on our business Facebook page. Just in the time we were with her that evening our likes increased by over 100!
Her foresight and help that evening resulted in our call to her just 48 hours later to “take down the ad! we are SOLD OUT of Product!” WOW! We were elated! Our immediate sales results paid for her coaching fees and then some! In the last 90 days we have hit more than 500 likes on our Facebook page and our new advertising campaigns have resulted in record setting NEW sales! We highly recommend Michelle Jacobik to any business who is looking for fresh, new, workable ideas to grow their business!” –
Jenn Sangremano -K&H Construction & Pellet Pro

Michelle Jacobik has been an incredible mentor in helping me grow my business in the private sector of education. After my first meeting with Michelle, she created a Google Adword campaign, and showed me how to increase exposure and gain business from my Facebook page. The recognition of my Montessori school had increased significantly within hours after our first meeting!

            I have relied on Michelle’s expertise to help restore my vision for the school. Michelle’s positive influence has given me “new energy” and a new outlook on my business. Within 6 weeks of the Google ad campaign my enrollment has increased by 7 new families and the number of inquiries continues to grow. I feel very excited every time the phone rings!

            Michelle’s work on my behalf is to be commended. Her commitment to my business helped to RESTORE my faith and she was available at any time of the day or evening for advice and support. I had originally hired Michelle as a business coach/mentor, but she quickly became a friend and I have never had anyone commit themselves to working tirelessly as she has to build my business. While I ran the school, Michelle successfully contacted the press and not only set up a spot on a local radio talk show, but succeeded in having my school recognized by Governor Dan Malloy as the leader in declaring the last week of February as “Montessori Education Week.” This is quite an honor, but Michelle didn’t stop there! She arranged to have the senator, mayor, and the press attend my school to present the proclamation in person, followed by a ribbon dancing ceremony by the children. We received free press in The New London Day, and the Norwich Magazine as a result. This exposure has helped to grow my business and I am forever grateful to Michelle for her help.

            Michelle has followed up many times to check in both as a friend and mentor. She makes herself “available” and keeps the passion fresh and alive. She is helping me to plan a ten year celebration and has many more suggestions to keep the exposure going. I feel blessed to have both her professional knowledge and her personal positivity.

            Without the slightest hesitation, I highly recommend Michelle to be your coach, mentor and friend. I guarantee that she will be there to celebrate your everyday successes!’    

       Cynthia Fish, Owner/Director Stoneview Children’s University